Cherry Joules Virgin Hair Ambassador and Affiliate ProgramCherry Joules Program FAQ’s

What is the Cherry Jules Program?
The Cherry Joules Program allows you to earn commissions by referring customers to Electric Cherry Virgin Hair website. The Cherry Joules Program enables you to place your Cherry Joules link on your website or emails. You can earn a commission on all qualifying revenue generated by your Cherry Jules link.

What are the next steps if my application is accepted?
When you’re part of the Cherry Joules Program, you will:

Have your own dashboard in which you can access your assigned Cherry Joules link.   You may place the link, and/or banner ads on your website. When a potential customer clicks on your Cherry Joules link and then goes on to make a purchase that sale is tracked, recorded and Electric Cherry will pay you a monthly commission for your sales.

What does it cost to join?
  It’s free to become a Cherry Joule.

Can I change or negotiate the Terms and Conditions for the Cherry Joules Program?
No, we do not provide custom terms and conditions for individual Cherry Joules.

Should I put Cherry Joules links on my social media profile?

Yes, you are allowed to place Cherry Joules links on any of your social medial profiles.

How does this link work?
Your provided link will give the customer access to our online store, and all items purchased by that customer will be tracked and used to calculate commissions.

How much money can I earn?
As a Cherry Joules, you will earn a 12% commission on revenue generated by encoded link. You will earn commission on sales minus any shipping costs and sales tax. The earning possibilities are endless just for letting others visit your link.

How can I track how much money I’ve earned? 
You can log into your dashboard at any time to track generated sales.

When do I get paid?
Payments are made on the 25th of each month via PayPal, but only when your account balance reaches a minimum balance of $50 or more (No exceptions).

How do I get paid?
All payments are processed through PayPal. You are required to have a PayPal account in order to receive your commission payment (for free PayPal account click here now).  You will receive a notification to the email address on file once payments have been made.

How do I extract my money from PayPal?
You can withdraw your money from PayPal by:
1. Spending it online with any PayPal approved vendor
2. Transferring your received funds to the  bank account associated with your Paypal account.
3. Requesting a check from PayPal
4. Using a PayPal Debit [email protected]
Payments will not be made if your PayPal account is not active, or rejected by PayPal.

What will cause a Cherry Joules to be banned or suspended from the program?

A Cherry Joules can be banned or suspended from the program due to:

a)      Infringes third-party copyright laws.

b)      Social media contains sexually explicit material.

c)      Social media contains hate, violence or offensive content.

d)      Promoting discrimination of any kind.

e)      Promoting illegal activities and/or otherwise violates any applicable laws.

f)       The use of inappropiate verbiage, text, and/or images from Electric Cherry’s websites or stores.

g)      Use o misleading or fraudulent website use or submissions.

h)      The inclusion of Electric Cherry’s trademark on unapproved materials.

i)       Includes other inappropriate elements. What is deemed inappropriate is at Electric Cherry’s sole discretion