When purchasing virgin hair, one of the most important factors is the length of the hair and purchasing the right amount of bundles for your ideal style. Getting the wrong lengths or not enough can be frustrating and a hassle, so we would like to give you the 411 on making sure you get the correct lengths for your hair. The 411 For starters, single bundles are sold at about 3.5 to 4 ounces per bundle depending on the texture, and a full install usually requires 8-10 ounces, depending on your head circumference and thickness of hair. So with that being said, the longer the lengths you purchase the heavier the hair is, meaning you are technically purchasing less tracks but the same amount of hair. The longer the length of the hair is, the more bundles you should purchase to help you achieve a better, more complete hairstyle. Full install guidelines 16-18 inches: 2 bundles (3 if you like your hair fuller) 20-24 inches: 3 bundles (4 if you like fuller hair) 26 inches & up: 4 bundles recommended How to get the right length.




The texture of the hair is the deciding factor in which lengths you should purchase. Straight virgin hair ( Our Electrostatic Straight) remains true to length because the hair is already fully extended. Wavy textures ( Our Sparkle or Cherry Wave) is about 1- 1.5” shorter unstraightened. Curly textures ( Our Fuse, Voltage, Frequency curl) is about 3-4” shorter unstraightened. Kinky curly textures ( Similar to our Juicy Curl) can appear up to 5” shorter unstraightened. Purchasing the right lengths will ensure that you get the look that you want and deserve. 16” bundle length guide Straight: 16” Wavy: 14.5-15” Curly: 13-14” Kinky Curly: 12”