How to make your curly hair grow long and healthy!


 With Curly Hair

Long, healthy hair is  definite #HairGoals for 2016 and no better way to start off your New Year with a few new hair practices to help your hair grow long and strong!  For my curly girls, here are a few tips and practices to maximize on that average ½ an inch hair growth a month!


Hair, skin, and nails supplements

 Vitamins for hair growth

Hair skin and nail supplements aid in hair growth from the inside out ! Packed full of vitamins and herbs such as biotin, vitamin e,  horsetail  herbs, and collagen, these supplements not only promotes hair and nail growth , but also increases skin elasticity and radiance. My personal favorite brand is the GNC brand hair, skin, and nails pills. They are always on promotion and works well for my 4b/4c hair.




Homemade Deep Conditioning

 Homemade Deep Conditioners


Deep conditions are a curly girl's best friend. Not only does deep conditioning your hair promote softness and  luster in hair, it also fun to make!  When creating your very own deep conditioner,  consider what your goal: Do you want to repair damaged hair & increase protein? Do you want to increase hair’s natural shine? Or do you want to solely encourage hair growth and softness? Depending on your answer, you’ll want to combine different household items. Items like honey, virgin coconut oil, avocado or olive oil, egg yolk, mayo, and apple cider vinegar can be found around the house and can be key ingredients in your DIY conditioner. Consider the following when making your own deep conditioner:


            -To moisture:  Use Aloe Vera, Honey, or Glycerin

            -To lock in moisture: Use oils such as coconut, jojoba, argan, or avocado oil

            -To add protein to hair: Add Egg & Mayonnaise


When deep conditioning, it's always best to cover hair and sit under a dryer to ensure maximum hair penetration with your mixture. If a dryer isn’t available, compensate with extra time with a bag over your head.  Deep condition at least twice a month for best results.



 Good Nutrition for healthy, growing hair



We’ve all heard the saying :” You are what you eat” but you wouldn’t think that applies to your hair right? Well having a diet full of vitamins and nutrients is great for your hair! When your body consumes vitamins they are distributed throughout your entire body, encouraging positive body composition.  Including fruit and vegetables in your daily diet will increase the amount of nutrients circulating through the body and will not only promote better health and a healthier lifestyle, but will make you feel good inside too!



With curly hair love,

Christini Ca’lia